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As the day of your sixteenth birthday comes, an important change in your life will occur if you live in Irusia. You will start your journey as a pokémon trainer. What's better than meeting your first pokémon, and starting a fantastic friendship/journey as a birthday present?

Professor Elder has three pokémon for you to choose from. They're are from the Irusian region, which means that they are unique. Just to go to Fleurville's laboratory (italian original name: Villa fiorita) an choose your partner!

You will discover secrets beyond imagination, a War fought by humans, watched by Gods, that ruined Irusia's order long ago, Relics and Antiquities of a forgotten world of mysticism and myths. Choices, many choices made by people both strong and weak. A world engulfed in doubt, thus its future is uncertain and its past is not more that dust. You live in a floating present, battling for your individuality among the chaos.


Pokemon Garnet features a brand new region named Irusia with over 160 brand new pokemon to battle against and capture. As with all other pokemon games, there are 8 Gym Leaders in the Region of Irusia, an Elite Four and a a Irusia region Champion, as well as new evil syndicates with bad intentions, named Team Neon, Team Terra and Team Aero. Pokemon Garnet revitalizes the Battle Frontier adding new Frontier Brains. The Pokemon Garnet development team created brand new pokemon cries, battle graphics and backgrounds, a photographs feature that guides you through several minigames, as well as action-filled stealth segments, and enigmatic puzzles and dungeons to explore.

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