Irusia is a brand new Region and is the setting for Pokemon Garnet. One major difference between Irusia and all other Regions in the world of Pokemon is that, unlike the rest, a Pokemon Trainer that lives in Irusia begins his or her adventure at the age of 14 rather than 10. The known starter Pokemon for this region are Inood, the grass type, Frilzard, the fire type, and Toofin, the water type.


Map of Irusia

Confirmed Cities/Towns and Gym LeadersEdit

Gym Leader/sEdit
Fleurville N/A
Seasalt Port N/A
Glowhill City #1 Colette
Haybreeze Town N/A
Reedmarsh Village #2 Steve
Everfall #3 Kiri
Rollrock City #4 D.Joe
Sandcraft Village N/A
Heatsurge Isle #5 Magda
Whitepeak Village #6 Kevin Zero
Chimnepolis #7 Vernon
Blackshire #8 Faust & Blair
Faredge Point N/A